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Reiki Classes in Vancouver

  • See the Vancouver Reiki classes calendar for next dates.  
  • Reiki classes are kept to a maximum of  ten students. This small, dynamic number allows for personalized instruction and lively exchanges.
  • A full manual is yours to take home,  no need to take notes (unless you wish to).
  • We pause around mid-class and share a vegan organic light meal prepared with love.
  • Classes are small and fill fast, please send your deposit as soon as possible to reserve your seat.
  • Deposits are non refundable.
  • Tuition balance is due the day of class.

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Learn Reiki in Vancouver -
Reiki training in small personalized classes.

Reiki is easily learned by everyone. After being attuned to the Reiki energy at the first level, everyone can use it to self-heal and heal others. The most important part of each Reiki class is the empowerment/attunement - tuning into the Reiki energy. We are all already connected to Reiki, the life force of this universe: we are alive. Each Reiki class increases this connection. It is a process of remembering and exploring our innate ability to connect with this vital force within us. This leads to new beginnings and abilities.

The path of Reiki is to return to our original wholeness. Through the progressing levels, the healing energy of Reiki permeates body, heart and mind and is thus a path of spiritual awakening.

There are 3 levels to the Western system of Reiki taught in 4 classes. You are guided through these to the master/teacher level of Usui Reiki. Class size is kept to a maximum of ten students. This allows for personal attention, your questions will be welcomed and you will practice all that is taught. 

Practical experience leading to an inner understanding is emphasized. Much of the classes are spent working from this viewpoint, teaching you to work intuitively and effectively with the Reiki energy. 

You are encouraged to continue practising after the classes finish. Each class is considered to be an introduction to that level, healing and re-connecting with a holistic self takes time and effort. Consequently ongoing support is offered to all students after the classes.

I am available to my students and engage in the relationship as much as they will allow. My goal is to develop a realistic relationship that empowers you. I do not have your answers, you have to select and walk your path. I am here to speak out of my own experience, to encourage you and guide you towards your own answers. 
I always remember that as I teach, I am also being taught.

vancouver reiki class

Reiki Level 1 Class  - Heal Yourself and Others 

Tuition: $300  tax included.
noon to 8pm - See the Vancouver Reiki Classes Calendar for upcoming dates and to register.

With the Reiki level I empowerment you discover a very intuitive, natural and powerful tool to help yourself and others. 

Reiki provides you with the necessary energy and strength to face your own imbalances, to remove resistances stopping you from manifesting the beautiful being you already are. After your attunement it is as simple as connecting to Reiki with intent, placing your hands, and the energy flows.

The focus is on your own healing journey with a strong emphasis on self Reiki treatment. It is by first healing yourself that you can truly contribute to this world.

  • You receive the Level 1 empowerment.
  • The history of Usui Mikao's teachings is reviewed.
  • You practice a full self treatment.
  • You learn the hand positions to give a complete Reiki treatment.
  • You practice giving a complete Reiki treatment with another participant
  • We discuss the possibility of a 21-day cleanse. 
  • We explore the five Reiki principles devised by Dr. Usui.
  • Energy healing tools and concepts are introduced and practiced.

In this 8 hours Reiki class held in Vancouver, you become initiated into the system of Reiki. There is no pre-requisite; absolute beginners to energetically experienced practitioners are welcomed. You are empowered and learn a solid foundation to practice Reiki for life. At the end of the class, each student receives a very complete Reiki manual that includes all of Reiki Level I information. Each student receives a Usui Reiki Level I Certificate.


reiki burning sage

Reiki Level 2 Class - Reiki as a Lifestyle

Tuition: $300  tax included.
noon to 7pm - See the Vancouver Reiki Classes Calendar for upcoming dates and to register.

At the second Reiki level you'll experience a noticeable deepening. It involves a further Reiki empowerment that connects you to the frequency of three Usui Reiki symbols to enhance treatments, for personal growth, for long distance healing and for many daily applications.

This Reiki level assists us to integrate Earth and Sky energies and remember who we truly are. It is a major step to becoming fully integrated, we now have the tools we need to heal in a very  effective way. The focus is on physical, mental and emotional development. Self healing with Reiki is brought to a deeper level, as well as our ability to help others. 

  • You connect to the Reiki symbols and explore their use.
  • You learn and practice various methods of distant healing.
  • You explore how to send Reiki to support and heal situations.
  • You experience the method for healing unwanted habits.

Each student receives a Usui Reiki Level II Certificate and a manual including all the information reviewed during the class. This 8 hours Reiki class is held in Vancouver and suitable for level I practitioners who have experienced the power of Reiki in their lives and choose to deepen their commitment to bringing about balance and growth. It is open to all students who have taken a Reiki first level class.


reiki master class

Reiki Level 3 - Master Practitioner Class - Explore Oneness 

Tuition: $350  tax included.
noon to 7pm - See the Vancouver Reiki Classes Calendar for upcoming dates and to register.

At the Reiki Master practitioner level your connection to Universal energy becomes whole. The focus is on spiritual development and the last symbol in the Usui Reiki system of healing facilitates the experiential awareness of your spiritual nature, you shine your light into the world. 

This is a very exciting hands-on class that takes you to the next Level of Reiki energy healing for helping others and for your own journey. We explore how Reiki can be combined to other modalities such as crystals and Shamanistic techniques. This class also prepares you for  the Reiki Master class, if you wish to complete the circle and learn how to pass Reiki to others.

  • You will be attuned to the traditional Reiki Level III Master symbol.
  • We review the Reiki symbols introduced at level II to deepen understanding.
  • You practice drawing and feeling the frequency of the master symbol and explore its concept and use.
  • You explore Energy Healing concepts and methods
  • You learn how to set up a Crystal Reiki Grid and you get your own crystal set.
  • You practice Aura Clearing to assist someone to release the root cause of an illness or condition. 

This 8 hours Reiki training class in Vancouver is the first part of the Master Level. It is suitable for Reiki level II practitioners to further the Reiki empowerment cycle, thus continuing on the Reiki path, and the ones wanting to progress towards becoming Reiki Teachers. It is open to students who have taken the second degree Reiki class and have a practice of self treatments. At the end of the class, each student receives a Reiki manual that includes all Reiki Level III information, crystals to set up your Reiki grid, and you are presented with your Usui Reiki Level III Certificate.



Reiki Master Teacher Class - The Master's Path

Tuition: $800  tax included.
2 days: noon - 7pm - See the Vancouver Reiki Classes Calendar for upcoming dates and to register.

In this 2 days Reiki intensive, you complete the circle and learn to empower others into Reiki, to do the attunements. 
It is suitable for Reiki master practitioners wanting to immerse themselves in the Reiki path. You acquire all the tools needed to engage in a lifelong journey of Reiki practice and teaching if you choose to do so. If you are interested in becoming a Reiki master please contact me.

  • You learn and practice until you are completely comfortable, how to perform all the empowerments to initiate others into Reiki.
  • We explore what it means to be a Reiki teacher, the role and responsibilities.
  • The discussion is customized to your needs. It is all about you. The goal is for you to receive the information that you need to be successful in your healing practice, business practice, spiritual practice....
  • I share with you all my professional tips and tools.
  • We practice environmental cleansing.

At the end of the seminar, each student receives the Reiki Master Class Manual. You are presented with your Usui Reiki Master / Teacher Certificate.