Be empowered to take positive action in your life, in this world - shine. 


What Can You Expect of Long Distance Reiki ?

Most of the work I offer will be done “behind the scenes” as I help clear and light the way for your personal growth and healing. The energy work is offered on your behalf and your efforts are incredibly important. Ultimately the results will depend on your soul readiness and alignment with the work.

Keep in mind that there is an enormous amount of trust that will connect us, and while you may not “feel” all the work being done, I trust this work will truly be life changing—with seeds planted that will bloom long into the future

I have raised my spiritual vibration through a deep, committed and ongoing practice. Sharing energy that is pure and true is my contribution in this world. My mission is to be a clear channel of energy. My work is my way of life, done with a prayerful attitude, to be of service. I propose to be your wise and compassionate mentor, holding the space, empowering you and walking along with you as you take your next step in your own healing and consciousness journey.

You are in charge, the work allows you to align deeper with your true self. I am here to be of the most energetic assistance I can be.  

Reiki Long Distance Sessions

Reiki brings wonderful peace and relaxation. Reiki goes to where your need is greatest, supporting awareness, detoxification and harmony.
For your long distance Reiki, we will schedule a one hour appointment and you want to recline somewhere comfortable and quiet. On your coach, bed, a park bench or in the forest, you are likely to soon experience an overall sense of comfort and wellbeing, you might fall asleep. What really matters is the new self arising as a result of the session. You will notice changes in everyday life the following days: maybe more strength, harmony, insights, creativity, energy...we are all different and benefit in unique ways. Reiki energy works to produce the highest results for the highest good for all involved. The only requirement for distance treatments is your permission to have this energy flow to you and you must have a sincere willingness to receive and work with the gifts received. 

Rates Reiki Healing:
$40 -  30 mins. Reiki Session
$80 - 1 hour Reiki Session  
$200 - 3 prepaid Reiki Sessions  
$400 - 6 prepaid Reiki Sessions 
All fees include tax.


LOVE EMPOWERMENT – 21 days of transformative energy

Are you in a time of transition?

The realization that something has to change is the first step to wellness. Life circumstances, strong emotions, health unbalances, unease, are signals and seem unbearable, but you are not alone. You will be supported to deepen your connection to Spirit, facilitate insights and shifts towards your highest truth, and magnetize all good possibilities for your life. 
You will make a brave transition to a higher level of vibration. You will be empowered to move from competition to collaboration, from fear to ecstasy, from ambition to inspiration, from hate to love, from control to freedom, from guilt to innocence, from worry to prayer, and from scarcity to a belief that abundance lives ever-present, as an eternal quality within Oneness. And I (Myorei) am here to be your wise and compassionate friend along the way.

This is very deep transformative work. You will be empowered to stretch beyond your comfort zone, transcend blind spots in your way, and embody your higher potential. 

You receive a multi-layered approach that will address your specific issue and nourish your journey.
One Spiritual mentorship session with me assists you in diving deep, connecting to your soul and clarifying your intent towards self-development. 
One Reiki long distance healing energy session shifts energy and empowers your higher self to manifest.
A Bach flower remedy, custom made for you, to facilitate soul alchemy. This vibrational remedy shifts emotional and spiritual patterns that are blockages for your process thus allowing positive qualities to arise. 
A crafted affirmation that will arise from your vision and needs , enabling you to initiate positive goals. 
A daily activation through a custom crystal grid holding your photograph to direct a continuous energy activation towards you, 24 hours a day, for 21 days. 

You’ll benefit from :
•    Clarity - One on one 45 minutes spiritual mentorship through internet or phone .
•    Empowerment - One on one 45 minutes of Reiki long distance energy healing work
•    Soul alchemy - Bach Flower remedy custom blend, mailed to you.
•    Clear intent - crafted affirmation, enabling your soul to initiate positive goals.
•    Support – 21 days of daily crystal grid activation made on your behalf to energetically support you 24/day.
Your investment: CAD $375 tax included