Return to innate harmony


Vancouver Reiki Sessions

Reiki brings wonderful peace and relaxation, a letting go much needed in our busy lives. Reiki goes to where your need is greatest, supporting awareness, detoxification and balance.
During a Reiki session Ki (Chi) universal life force is activated through the practitioner’s hands to the client who lays fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner follows a sequence of hand positions on the head and torso, the hips, knees and feet. The hand placements bring rejuvenating energy to all the endocrine glands and organs that control our overall function and well being. There is no body manipulation. Reiki healing energy removes obstructions to your natural state of health by releasing energetic constrictions in the body’s meridians and restoring energy to depleted areas. Your body reaches for balance.

Rates Reiki Healing:
$80 - Single Reiki Session 1 hour - Allow 90 mins.

All fees include tax.




Are you in a time of transition?

The realization that something has to change is the first step to wellness. Life circumstances, strong emotions, health unbalances, unease, are signals and seem unbearable, but you are not alone. You will be supported to deepen your connection to Spirit, facilitate insights and shifts towards your highest truth. I (Myorei) am here to hold the space, assist you in seeing your truth and dedicate Reiki blessings to you.

This is very deep transformative work. You receive a multi-layered approach that will address your specific issue and nourish your journey :

One on One mentorship session to assist you in diving deep, connecting to your soul and clarifying your intent. 
One Reiki in person or long distance healing energy session to shift energy .
A Bach flower remedy blend, custom made for you, to facilitate soul alchemy. This vibrational remedy shifts to the positive emotional and spiritual patterns that are blockages for your process . 
A crafted affirmation that will arise from your vision and needs , enabling you to initiate positive goals. 

You’ll benefit from :
• Clarity - 1 hour spiritual mentorship in person or through internet or phone
• Empowerment - 1 hour Reiki in person or long distance energy healing work
• Soul alchemy - Customized Bach Flower Remedy
• Clear intent - crafted affirmation, enabling your soul to initiate positive goals.

Your investment: CAD $180 tax included

What to Expect with Reiki ?

Reiki in person or long distance nourishes your process of returning to wholeness.
Each person’s path to healing is unique and the benefits experienced with Reiki are varied and numerous: 

  • Profound relaxation.

  • Improvement in sleep and digestion

  • Support in recovering from illness and pain

  • Release of accumulated daily stress

  • Deepened awareness

  • Calming of excessive mental chatter

  • Increased creativity

  • Strengthening of the immune system

For relaxation and wellness, many people enjoy one Reiki session from time to time for re-balancing and re-energizing. I encourage you to consider a series of  three or six treatments, scheduled regularly to create a momentum of healing. Reiki has the potential to create balance from the very core of your system and if there is a chronic health challenge, this of course takes time.

You may choose to jumpstart a period of healing by scheduling a sequence of Reiki treatments. This is a powerful commitment to your self-care that helps your system embark on a path to profound wellness.  Consider this possibility if you feel ready to make a lasting shift to either connect more deeply with your inner life or to support you while you address a life change or medical condition.