My reward is knowing that over the past 10 years, I have empowered more that a thousand people with Reiki thus contributing to people and this world most positively. When  a person sends a testimonial, my heart fills with gratitude and I am inspired to continue the work. Thank you!

Mary, B.
I had a beautiful opportunity to take a class reiki level 1 with Myorei. From the first moment You see her You know she is a person who walks her talk and is anchored into her practice. She keeps her teaching simple yet if you want to go further and deeper into details she is willing to share her knowledge with You. The ceremony of attunement was a profound experience for me. The whole space seemed sacred. Myorei taught us, fed us, gave us a professional space to practice what she taught and attuned us to and gave fulfilling answers to all the questions. Can't wait to come back for next levels.

Jennifer Bailey, Victoria
Myorei is very calm, patient, encouraging and I experience her as completely accepting. I travelled three times from the Island to complete Reiki levels 2, 3 and Master/Teacher with Myorei because I received excellent Reiki learning but also because of Myorei's openness to and genuine interest in all of the students' learning needs and experiences. At the Master/Teacher level, Myorei made sure to pass on what she had learned about maintaining her own Reiki practice as well. I am thankful for my connection with Myorei.

Catherine, Vancouver
I completed Reiki 1 through to Reiki 3 with Myorei. Words cannot express how much Reiki has changed my life. Through Reiki, I have been able to provide healing comfort to my partner who has been battling an illness in the last year or so. As the saying goes, there's no greater gift than the gift of giving. When I give Reiki, I feel a sense of personal accomplishment because I know that it has made a difference. Reiki has helped to enlighten my mind to the infinite possibilities of the universe. It has not only strengthened me spiritually, but it has also become the impetus for change in all aspects of my life. My partner and I are healthier, more spiritually enriched and loving life more than ever. My relationship with my partner has improved also by a thousand fold, and lately we have been meeting people with such positive and amazing attitudes in life. I know in my heart that these changes are not mere coincidences but rather the work of something greater. The power of Reiki is truly a wonderful thing. I will be forever grateful to Myorei for being the beacon and leading me in this spiritual path. I wanted to mention also that I think Myorei is one of the kindest and most sincere people that I've ever met. She's an amazing teacher who is full of incredible knowledge and wisdom. I am so happy to have Myorei in my circle. Thank you Myorei. I look forward to Reiki share with you.

Alex (Level 1) 
I thoroughly enjoyed Myorei's class. Not only have I learned a lot, but I learned it in a peaceful and accepting environment, thanks in no small part to Myorei herself. She has a way of allowing everyone in the group to relax and feel included. As an instructor, Myorei is thorough and patient, and I've had no trouble applying what I learned to my life. At the end of the class we got a reference manual, which goes over all the concepts discussed and provides recommendation for further reading, which I found very useful. Oh, and I liked the food, too. In short, I would definitely recommend this class.

Claudia Boomsluiter
I had the privilege of taking all Reiki classes (level 1 up till Reiki Master) with Myorei. She is a wonderful, patient and knowledgeable teacher. Initially I was only interested in taking Reiki 1, but her classes inspired me to continue. I now love working with Reiki not only on myself, but also to help others and was blessed to experience some of the "little miracles" Reiki can accomplish. If you ever think of learning how to do Reiki yourself or to get Reiki treatment, I highly recommend Myorei! Claudia

Keiko Mori
I have just completed the Master/Teacher Reiki Class with Myorei. I had taken all other level classes with her previously. Myorei is a very gentle and knowledgeable teacher. She truly wishes for every student to strive and be successful in Reiki and is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences with her students. Myorei is also a very spiritual individual but also holds very strong and realistic knowledge of the business side of Reiki which I found it very valuable. There were four of us in the class. We were all different in nature although we were deeply connected with Reiki. Myorei has helped us learn and become one while recognizing our own individuality and treating us with upmost respect. We were so blessed to have her as a teacher, especially in the Master/Teacher Class. I am excited to share Reiki with others and expand my knowledge while learning from other people by assisting them. Throughout my journey, Myorei will continue to my life-long mentor and teacher. I highly recommend Myorei as a Reiki teacher for all levels.

Myorei is a wonderful Master/Teacher!! When I met her I felt very much safe an connected to. I took level I&II with Myorei, and when the time come, I will definitely take reiki level III with her again. She takes time to explain everything & answered all my questions. With Much Love and Appreciation.

Raquel Oliveira
For the last 2 months, I've been getting messages from my guides that I should learn energy healing techniques. I've always done it to my husband but without any knowledge of Reiki. I would just place my hands on him and let my guides take care of the rest. So I decided to find a Reiki master. After searching some websites, which I didn't connect at all, I found Myorei's. Immediately I knew she was my master, so there I went! Her cozy energy and her beautiful space made me feel at home. The first empowerment was amazing and I felt a strong energy coming into my body and raising my vibration. I have just gotten the second attunement and so far it feels great. Myorei, I thank you for all your love and passion in sharing this amazing technique. You have transformed my life. Love.

From the moment I called up the centre and talked to Myorei, I felt a connection. I setup an appointment and when I arrived at this amazing place of peace and serenity I not only got to meet Myorei but also Eshin. Both are amazingly open and gentle and they have the uncanny ability to listen and take in what you say without any judgment, which in turn makes you feel safe and very much cared for.
It is through talking with Eshin and Myorei and experiences first hand their values and beliefs that I wanted to take Reiki class with Myorei, I knew before taking the class that the experience would be amazing.
I took all her classes and I can not only recommend her highly as a Master of Reiki but as a human being, she has what it takes to convey a message which simplicity and enormous love. It is the love that shines through in every thing she says during the classes. Myorei opened my eyes to a deeper part within me that I had just begun tapping into. I wish Reiki class would go on forever and I hope one day she will give weekly workshops so that we can continue to learn and grow from her wisdom.
Thank you Myorei for being an amazing person and teacher, I hold you very near and dear!

K. M. 
Myorei is a special mentor/teacher who lives by her teachings. When I was looking for a teacher for the Level I class, I just wanted to make sure she/he would be a spiritual person. Time I spend learning about Reiki with Myorei always passes by so quickly because of a great sense of calmness in her Zen surrounding. Myorei is a very intuitive and spiritual being. She is also a great teacher who willingly shares her Reiki knowledge and her spirituality with her students. When I decided to pursue my Reiki further, I had no hesitation to continue more classes with Myorei. We are so blessed to have her and I am looking forward to joining her Reiki Master's class.

Ryan Arian
Like many of you out there, I've been hearing stories about Reiki and how it changes lives! So I decided to give it a try, but I needed the right person to be my mentor. As I was looking around and asking for help to find the right practitioner, I found Myorei. As soon as I entered her place, she greeted me with kindness and a warm smile to put me at ease. The environment in which she operates is very serene and relaxing. After she explained how Reiki works, the first session began. My oh my what a feeling!!! No words can possibly express the beauty, peace, warmth and love that comes with Reiki. It is something that you must experience till you know the sweetness of its taste. Myorei definitely is the right person who can help you in experiencing the peace and the healing energy of Reiki. I love it so much that I decided to learn Reiki and I'm a second level Reiki practitioner myself. Keep up the good work Myorei.

Bethan Lloyd
I have received compassionate and professional Reiki sessions from Myorei over the last six months. Her Zen practice permeates the sessions, from the beautiful surroundings of the room to the quality of the energy she offers. She clearly has the knowledge and experience required to practice and teach Reiki, but more important she embodies Reiki. She is present, direct, and clear. I am grateful.

Nozomi H.
Many things have been surprising me since I took Reiki level 1 and 2. one of those is:
I had a horrible pain of my thumb for months which couldn't been cured though I tried any way. The very next day I tried self healing on me, this pain's disappeared!
Another thing is that the many customers I do massage therapy at my work gave me good comment saying it's so relaxing and then I started having more booking. There are many more amazing things've been happening around me...
Thank you very much.

Tania, Vancouver
After my empowerment  into Reiki 1, I can actually feel what I would describe as a constant warm and comforting sense of energy throughout my entire body...Subtle yet powerful. All that's left to say is "Give yourself a gift of reiki!"... It's the best present you will ever receive!
I would like to say to anyone who is considering giving themselves this gift that Myorei was the right person. In addition to treating me, she also came to my home for reiki environmental cleansing session to clear my home from any stagnant energy and allow me to feel supported and at ease. Thank you Myorei, for sharing a wonderful and beautiful spirit that you are with me. I will always remember your kindness and support.
Love and Peace.

Rosalina S.
Dear Myorei; You helped me tremendously in my journey towards spirituality , thanks to you I have discovered Reiki powerful healing. Now I have more understanding and balance in my life!!! Blessing & Light~*~