Reiki for your healing, mental clarity, spiritual maturity and emotional well-being.

Reiki Sessions in Vancouver

Reiki allows you to be pro-active with your personal growth, mental/emotional states and health. Feel deeply cared for, completely relax, and know that in this open and safe space your body, mind and spirit are healing. 
Reiki assists you in releasing emotional hindrances thus healing the root cause of your imbalance. Reiki enhances and complements any therapy or treatment you might be following for a health condition.
Reiki sessions are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Reiki Classes in Vancouver 

Learn Reiki to restore balance, and be radiant. Nurture and heal with Reiki Healing Energy.  Everyone can learn this wonderful, natural way. By the end of the one day class you are empowered to help yourself and others, bringing health, joy and fulfillment.

Check the Reiki classes training calendar for upcoming Reiki classes in Vancouver.

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Reiki Distance Energy Healing

Reiki Long Distance Healing for those who need support in their life. 
All is connected in this universe, energy is limitless and does not recognize distances. With intent, a healing Reiki connection is effected. The benefits obtained with a long distance Reiki session are as positive as a direct hands-on Reiki session, you relax and heal.

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Health is a fragile balance and most of us are struggling towards wholeness, may be addressing medical conditions, and feeling the stress and anxiety from these troubled times. You don't have to do this on your own. From a place of non separation, arising from Intensive spiritual training for these past 22 years and ongoing, I hold a space of powerful healing for you. Touched by Spirit your mind, body and soul awaken to who you truly are and your greater potential; old patterns that are no longer needed are discarded, your radiant self blossoms.

I completed Level I Reiki with Myorei. From the moment I walked into her beautifully created space at the Zen Center of Vancouver, I felt relaxed, grounded and ease. Her presence is so nurturing, kind, compassionate, and very awake. I really felt comfortable and at ease learning from Myorei. She speaks from an embodied place and her first hand experience of the teachings and attunement is quite evident. I also really appreciated her meditation and mindfulness background that she brought to her teachings - it added a whole other level of depth to the class. She wasn’t teaching a technique, she was sharing a way of being in this world that when applied systematically, daily, offers a simple yet effective way of being and healing.
I received a treatment from Myorei and it was incredible. I could really feel how much energy was flowing from her hands and appreciated her sensitive and aware “bedside manners”.
I would recommend Myorei as a reiki practitioner and teacher and will continue to study and apprentice with her because of her groundedness, her open heart and the sparkle in her eye.
— Eva Chrostowski, Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner

Reiki healing sessions, Reiki training classes  and long distance energy healing with Reiki master practitioner and teacher Myorei Zeraffa in Vancouver BC, Canada. 
All Reiki services are offered in English ou en Français